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Volcanic Ash

Rock minerals are the building blocks of healthy and productive soil.

Over time, through environmental stress or over-farming, soils undergo demineralisation. No amount of organic compost matter can correct this deficiency.

What results is increased stress on a plant, weaker plant cell structures and decreased yields.

Volcanic deposits have been proven to help produce some of the richest agricultural lands on earth. They are very high in mineral and trace elements and are readily chemically separated into elemental components, meaning a plant can absorb from the soil the minerals and elements it needs.

Volcanic ash in soil improves fertility, cation exchange, moisture retention, soil structure and drainage.

The volcanic ash at Maidenwell is highly siliceous, helping combat both abiotic and biotic stressors, promoting plant health and disease resistance.

Volcanic ash suitable for use in agriculture will become available when the mine is up and running.

How does it work?

Although not often realised, healthy soil is a complex interaction between geology and soil biology.

When Volcanic ash reacts with soil organisms and plant material, it material releases elements like magnesium, calcium, and iron. These are absorbed by the plant roots.



Maidenwell mines is involved in a number of farm trials designed to quantify the benefits and optimum rates of DE for specific crops and different growing systems.

The current round of trials includes soil grown vegetables, hydroponic berry crops, nursery crops and sports turf.

We are currently awaiting trial results, please contact us to be notified when these results are available

Non-Agricultural Uses

Diatomite is used in many different ways, and is found in, or crucial to, the manufacturing process of thousands of everyday products.

Filter Aids

  • Food and beverage processing
  • Beer and wine making
  • Motor oil processing
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing


  • Useful in the clean up of spills in the industrial, janitorial, waste and automotive industries


  • In plastics, diatomite is used as an antiblocking agent to assist with separating
  • In paint it can be used to add bulk, strength and coating adhesion

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