Plant ready Diatomite for more productive and more stress resistant crops

What is Diatomite?

Diatomite is a sedimentary rock composed of the skeletal remains of diatoms; a type of algae with a shell made from silicon.

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Agricultural Benefits

The material delivers physical, chemical and biological benefits that improve the health and productivity of agricultural crops.

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Pest and Diseases

Reduces chemical use by stimulating natural plant defenses against common pests and diseases.

Stress Resistance

Increases plant tolerance of environmental stress – drought, water-logging, high and low temperatures and salinity. Minimises environmental damage caused by fertilisers.

Farm Productivity

Crop yields and quality are increased because of more efficient photosynthesis and improvements in plant and soil health.

The Mine

The Maidenwell Diatomaceous Earth (DE) deposit is located on Brooklands Road near Maidenwell, 29 km south of Kingaroy and 10 km northwest of Maidenwell, Queensland, Australia.

The mine development plan encompasses significant volumes of high quality agricultural and industrial‐grade Diatomite. Interest is also being shown in the overlying siliceous Volcanic Ash which is a by‐product of mining DE, principally for industrial applications and in the agricultural industry as a soil conditioner and silicon source.

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